Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blog award?!

This is quite incredible. I leave this blog for two weeks (thank you very much stupid swine flu vaccine) and I come back to find that I've won an award? For doing nothing?? Exactly what are you trying to encourage Kate? (But thank you all the same). Btw, check out Kate's blog now! It was the first blog I followed after starting my own and is always guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, or at least make you snort.

So, apparently I now have to fulfil a few rules and requirements:

Share 7 things that you don't already know about me.
Name 7 other blogs to receive this award.

Leave a comment on each of the blogs I nominated.

Thank the person who gave you the award.

Well here goes!

  1. I can't seem to escape weddings. Over 27 years I've attended something like 70+ weddings. And no, I don't do the whole Wedding Crashers thing. I have a feeling my wife wouldn't take too kindly to such shenanigans.
  2. I'm an American Civil War nut. I can tell you what Stonewall Jackson's favourite food was, I can sing you any civil war song you ask me to, I can even identify any number of regimental flags - and I'm Australian. I don't even know when Australia Day is! However I do know that Canada Day falls on July 1st. Mmmmm, pancakes with bacon and maple syrup... gaahhggghhhhhh...
  3. I always leave the toilet seat down. In fact, my wife leaves the toilet seat up more often than I do. Which begs the question, what the hell is she doing all those times? Perhaps she read my first post and is trying to prove me wrong.
  4. My two favourite meats to eat are lobster and crocodile. This may explain why I'm so poor.
  5. When I was a little boy, I was convinced that lying down straight after eating would turn me into a cow. You'd think most kids would be all like "hell yeah! I can be a huge animal with horns!" Alas, the cow I always pictured in my head was small, sad and moping. Plus, I wasn't too keen on the idea of having a giant set of udders on my belly.
  6. You know that hair that grows on a man's upper lip? You know how men typically shave it off using what's called a razor? I do that too. Only substitute the word 'shave' with 'pluck', and instead of 'razor' read 'tweezer'. And I do it without flinching too. (I will dedicate a separate post to this later. Warning: may include video.)
  7. I used to read The Babysitters Club books. In fact, they're the only books that have ever made me teary. I loved the books so much I even bought all the videos. I secretly had a crush on Mary Anne Spier. (Damn you Logan Bruno, get your hands off her, she's mine!) I am currently frightened at how much I can still remember. I am also concerned I may have revealed too much about myself and compromised my right to own male genitalia.
Now we get to the tricky part. I haven't been blogging long and because I have such excellent taste, most of the blogs I follow and think should get this award already have one! So I hope nobody minds if I don't make it to the allotted seven.

  1. Very Top Five. You want creative (or 'Kreativ' rather)? This is one of the most original, amusing blogs ever created.
  2. The Travels of Praziquantel. Everyone needs a travel blog to follow. Ever wanted to travel the crap out of a country? (A term I just coined). This woman does with great gusto - read along and share in her adventures!
  3. Repertoire Food. You also need a food blog to follow. Aside from teaching you how to spell the word "repertoire" you'll learn many home-cooked (and cleverly improvised) recipes. I also love the little stories that go with the recipes that give them so much personality.
  4. Single Girl in San Diego. I never got to do the whole dating thing. This blog fills me in on a whole world I missed out on.
  5. Kelleidoscope. I'm hesitant about putting this blog on this list because I find it hard to believe that Kellie hasn't received one of these awards already. This is one of those blogs where the blogger's personality just shines through. Makes me wish I knew her in real life.
  6. Twenty-something going on Five. As a fellow student, I just can't appreciate this blog enough. This girl blogs with enough sarcasm to make baby Jesus cry. Also, I think she has that part of her brain removed that says "saying this out loud might be a bad idea".
  7. Morning Cup with Meg. And finally, a classy blog with a bit of everything. One of those bloggers that really puts her life out there for all to see and share.
Yay! I did make it to seven.

And thanks again Kate! I love you and all things Canadian!


Penny Williams said...

thanks Tom,

glad to hear you're up and about again! I tried to get the swine flu vacc but the Dr's surgery was far too disorganised. Maybe that's for the best.

Kellie said...

I'm so flattered! I haven't gotten a blog award before and when I saw that I got one I was all giddy :)

When I get back from my vacation, I'll be sure to put the post on my blog! But for now I'll put the award up :)

Carol Schaffer said...

Wow!!!! I am honored, Tom! Hope you are well :)

stanleygoodspeed said...

Only just happened across your blog, but I can see that the award is well deserved.

On the subject of weddings, I think I'm your complete opposite; I've been to 4 in the last ten years. (And 3 of them featured the same groom - if it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't be able to justify owning a suit).

Mith said...

Woohoo! I got an award!! :D Mucho thanks Tom! :D I'm honoured.

P.S - You PLUCK your MOUSTACHE with a TWEEZER without FLINCHING???? HOW???? Dude. You are my hero. *Bows*

Meg said...

Thanks so much for the award! I'm really flattered that you feel that way about my blog! I guess now I have to sit down and think about the seven blogs I want to give this to.

Thanks again!

Very Top Five said...

Thanks Tomurai! I'm really chuffed that you liked my blog enough to give it an award.

I'm totally going to have to get this put in a frame.

Kate said...

Oh yeah, Canuckistani pride.


*high five*

**Ms. P** said...

Aww, thank you SO much for enjoying my blog! I write hoping that someone can relate or is being entertained so thanks so much. I just have one do I post the award on my site?!