Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yabby blues

I remember the first house I lived in. I spent my childhood there until I was 11 and looking back, it was a luxurious place to live. Giant backyard, huge living areas and most importantly, large enough to house all the pets I used to collect.

The first interesting pet I remember owning was a blue yabby who shared a fishtank with our giant goldfish. I remember the yabby well due to his tenacity and sheer will to be free. In total, the yabby had five escape attempts, the most successful attempt getting him outside and half way down the driveway.

We always wondered how the yabby managed to get out of the fish tank until one fateful day I managed to catch him in the act. The yabby would wedge his body between the glass and filter, then slowly crawl his way up and out through a gap in the glass. It was a problem instantly remedied by placing a rock over the gap.

Unfortunately, the yabby died shortly after by capturing and gorging himself on one of the goldfish. He probably figured he'd never successfully escape now that I knew his little secret.

I suppose it's true what they say - life without hope just isn't worth living. Once you come to realise this my friends, know that you are on the same intellectual plane - as a yabby.

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