Thursday, December 3, 2009

I have had a dream #1

Does anyone out there know how to interpret dreams? I tend to have really vivid dreams where I can remember things in great detail so I figured I may as well post the occassional dream (or at least a small part of it) on my blog.

I was walking along the front of my house (which for some reason had a trench around it) when I noticed down in the trench an old replica handgun I used to own. I picked it up out of the trench and walked over to my mate Geoff who was relaxing under his car.

"Hey Geoff, look at this," I said.

As I walked under Geoff's car I noticed the gun was dirty so I started wiping it clean. Eventually I managed to open the whole thing open and that's when I discovered two rooms inside the gun, one on top of another. The bottom room was full of ambiguous organic structures. The top room was crawling with what looked like thousands and thousands of maggots and larvae. Some of them had begun to take shape and were starting to look like baby koalas.

I called my biologist friend who reluctantly came over and had a look.

"You know, I'm really disappointed that I came," she said after inspecting the rooms. "When you called me, I assumed this would be the same thing it always is. I was really hoping it would be something different."

"Is it koalas?" I asked.

"No, it's water buffalo."

I nodded. That made perfect sense.

"Yep," she said. "This is what happens when you don't clean out the bottom of your house. You get water buffalo."

Seriously, if you can interpret dreams or would just like to take a wild theoretical stab at what's wrong with my head innards, drop us a line.


EbonHawkSerenity said...

Well this is just a wild guess, but I recall that book you had lying on the table about the history of weapons or something of the sort (some kind of firearm on the cover). I also remember a few times where you said you had to clean the apartment. Maybe something to do with those recurring themes.

Probably not even close, but it was nice reminiscing about living with Helen and you at that wonderful apartment, *sigh*.

Speaking of guns, remember the toy shotguns at the flea market? Haha, good times, good times...

Tomurai said...

Holy crap - everytime I go past those markets I wonder if those shotguns are still there to purchase :D